Wedding photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have two wedding photographers photograph our wedding?

Yes, we will always photograph your wedding with two photographers. As a husband and wife team we basically shoot every wedding together. This way you will get photo’s from more different angles plus shooting a wedding with your spouse is way more fun than just by yourself!

Do you add in a little photoshoot?

Ofcourse! A moment during your big day just devoted for photo’s of the two of you is something we do at every wedding. The amount of time we take for the photoshoot is different for every couple. The more time we have, the more you get. A lot of times we divide it into a moment in the morning or afternoon and a moment during the golden hour/sunset.

Do you guys eat dinner?

Just like everyone we also need to eat. Most of the time we start early in the morning and finish sometime at night, so yes we do ask you to provide a dinner for us. We are not expecting a fancy 3 course meal but a so called crew meal or one course meal would be great! This way we have time to photograph speeches if they take place during dinner.

Do you edit the photo’s?

Yes! We edit all our photo’s before we deliver them to you. We have our own style and will deliver both color and black and white photo’s. We will not deliver the original RAW files.

What happens when you are sick?

Even we get sick sometimes. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often and we must be really sick in order not to make it to a wedding. We have connections with a big network of wedding photographers and in case of sickness we will make sure another photographer will capture your wedding day!

Is wedding photography outside of the Netherlands possible?

It sure is! We have had the privilege of documenting weddings in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, the United States and South Africa. Engagement and loveshoots are also possible outside of the Netherlands! Please ask us about all the posibilities!

Do you also speak English or any other language?

Yes we do! Kelsey is from the States and speaks fluent English. Erwin has lived a few years in Australia and the States and also speaks English fluently. Erwin also understands and speaks a fair bit of German.

Do you store or save the photo’s somewhere?

Yes, we save all our photo’s on multiple harddrives and will guarantee we have your photo’s for at least one year after your wedding date. However there’s a big chance we still have your photo’s saved after a few years.

How long does it take before we get our photo’s?

Within 24 hours after your wedding you will receive a preview of 5-10 photo’s! The USB stick with all the edited high resolution photo’s will be delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding day.

Who makes the selection of photo’s for our wedding album?

We personally think you should make the selection of photo’s for your wedding album. It’s gonna be your wedding album and you know better than us what you like more, plus that way it’s more personal as well. When you have selected the photo’s we will design your album for you.

Boutonnieres; left or right, up or down?

In the Netherlands boutonnieres also go on the left side. For women down, for men up.




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