August 2018 – Kona, Hawaii USA

Kona destination dream wedding takes a sudden turn when uninvited guest, Hurricane Lane makes her arrival in Hawaii. Upon arriving to Kona our bride and groom gathered together with close friends and family for final wedding preparations. Little did they know Hurricane Lane would leave them switching the wedding location to the opposite side of the island with only hours to spare. Despite the turn of events; this couples wedding party rose to the challenge. Never before have we seen the love and support of a wedding party like we did at this wedding. The wedding day came and all the guests arrived to a beautifully lit venue, with a stunning backdrop of the ocean at sunset. The bride and groom said their I Do’s and there was not a dry eye to be seen. A family style feest was served paired with toasts and was finished off with dancing. This stunning wedding was not only a testimony of love and support, as well as a wedding that will not soon be forgotten.