December 2017 – EVO-Photography IJsselstein, The Netherlands

YES! Sitting on our couch in our living room of our house in IJsselstein we got the news that we, EVO-Photography won an award with the Masters of Wedding Photography! We couldn’t be more excited! This is the 3rd award with the Masters of Wedding Photography that we have received so far!
Our photo got picked by an international jury existing out of Cafa Liu, Emin Kuliyev and Matt Lien. These 3 wedding photographers have proven themselves for a long time now on an international level and it’s an absolute honour to have won an award this round!

We were able to shoot this photo during the wedding of P&M. A nice painting was hanging in the hallway and the glass protecting the painting was causing a super cool looking reflection. We used a MagGrid from MagMod on our speedlite so we could light up the bride & groom and they were clearly visible in the reflection of the glass. Did you know that P&M had a 3 day wedding including 2 days in Tuscany Italy?! We were there to capture it all, you can check out these photo’s if you go click on our blogs!